How can you find time to be a mentor?

We wake up, maybe eat, go to work, work, socialize, lunch, work, socialize, get off work, go home, scroll through some YouTube videos, a little Facebook, socialize, maybe a shower, and go to bed; just to wake up the next day to do the same exact thing.  Sounds like an amazing schedule to live by day in and day out for most.  But for others who understand the ins and outs to the world and its deceitful games value their time wisely and contribute to society in a positive influential manner.  This blog is for the ones who do not manage their time wisely and aimlessly carry out their day on auto-pilot, allowing their environment to make their daily decisions and goals.  Just think.  How much time do you spend doing absolutely nothing that is beneficial for others?  Yes, I type others.  We live in a society today where self is most important and others are forgotten.  From Selfie photos to YouTube selfie tags, this selfie epidemic has drowned out any possibility of being humble and servicing others. Too much of anything is disastrous.  The amount of time that one can put into a defined goal and a strategic plan and to take action on that goal, the less people would be involved with themselves.

How so?  For instance, I started off not having any idea what I wanted to do in life.  I thought I wanted to become a nurse, so I tried to pursue that but my interest fell off.  Then after sometime I was blessed with the opportunity to think, I had Time to think of what I wanted to do and how I was going to go about it.  When I type time I mean I didn’t have a job and Social Media annoyed me, doing nothing annoyed me.  So I took advantage of the time and started the college of self-study.  Of Course, I am still enrolled in this self-study course and plan to be until I can no longer use my mind to orchestrate structured thoughts.  With this self-study course, I was able to discover my passion of mentoring adolescent girls, and empowering them to reveal their true potential. With that I created a mentoring program and am working my passion to this very day.

Time is very precious and limited.  No man nor woman knows when their Time card is going to be revoked, so it is wise to use every second, minute, hour, day, month, year, decade, wisely.  Any Time that you do have, share that knowledge with a younger individual whose situation could possibly be much worse than yours or not worse and guide them down a path of thoughtful decision making.  Mentoring is a great gift anyone (sane) can give to society.  A mentor can be the caring and intelligent individual who has the wise knowledge of parents that the young child can listen to.  I did not have a mentor when I was growing up but I do remember my mother telling me the exact same thing I would hear either from another older person or read in self-help, motivational and business related books.  I have had plenty of moments where I would come across me telling myself, “my mother told me that.”  Mentors can be just that.  They can be the additional echo of a parent’s voice of wisdom to keep them motivated through life.

But the most important thing is the Time.  Those who quickly respond to this saying “I don’t have the time,” are not the ones who should consider mentoring.  One should have an open, sound and cultured mind when teaching the youth.  We are all teachers every day and in every way.  One cannot spy all the eyes that watch them throughout the day.  We influence all the time without knowledge of who is watching how we handle ourselves.  Take the time to find out what you can offer to an adolescent and take action on it.  Action is power.  Our words are power.  We have the ability to transform someone else’s dull day into a grand one just from simple word play.  In conclusion, we are all here for a reason, some have found out this purpose and others are still searching.  For those who are searching, share your experience with ones that are just beginning this treacherous road we call life. So what will you do with your time today?


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